Sarah Phipps


Design Statment

In my design work, I strive to create work that is impactful to communities. Similar to my photography, my design work can capture moments or places that are important to communities. I am a new designer looking to expand my work to connect with various communities. I am excited and willing to work with a multitude of companies to gain experience in all design areas.

My current design work involves redesign, branding, product creation, print materials, etc. Design is a place where I can grow in my visual story-telling abilities. I strive to maintain creative expression, while visually creating a story and an impact. As a designer, I am always ready to expand my scope of design to hopefully gain a wider and more diversified understanding of design. I continuously strive to learn new techniques and skills in my design work. I look forward to working with more seasoned designers so that I can grow in my design experience. I hope this will improve my impact on people and communities in my work.